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Repay Your Interest Only Mortgage – Using Retirement Mortgages – Lending Beyond Retirement Age …

Our friends at Compass Mortgages have been approached recently by a number of clients where their mortgage terms are coming to an end in line with their retirement. Many lenders refuse to continue mortgages past retirement age, making them unsuitable for the clients purposes. We have met clients who feel pressured by their current lender and […]

Chris Morgan’s “Money Matters” Finance Column – Spring 2018 …

Chris Morgan is the UK’s leading Gay Financial Adviser, his “MONEY MATTERS” HIV & Finance Column is now available online. His column now has a syndicated readership of 20,000 across HIV organisations in the UK. The column will run alongside the ongoing “Money Matters” HIV & Finance Seminars that will be starting this Spring in […]

GAY Life Assurance and GAY Mortgage Advice …

Our friends at Compass are the UK’s leading firm of financial advisers and that are dedicated to looking after the Gay, LGBT and HIV communities. Their lead financial adviser Chris Morgan has been advising LGBT and people living with HIV for nearly 20 years and is well known for his campaigning work fighting against discrimination. […]

Chris Morgan’s Gay & HIV FINANCE Column Relaunched …

SYNDICATION READERSHIP HITS 12,300 … Chris Morgan’s Gay & HIV finance column’s have in the past been hosted by AXM, Gay Times, Pink Paper, Attitude, Bent Magazines, Positive Nation and most recently Baseline Magazine. Sadly Baseline Magazine is now no longer printed so Chris has decided to continue writing and offer his column for syndication […]

LGBT Insurance Survey 2017 …

“Happy Pride Season” – Birmingham, London Done With Brighton, Cardiff and Manchester Still To Come !!!  Special focus this year on the need for LGBT labelled financial products? Our friends at Compass, the Gay insurance advisers have today published their latest survey into the insurance needs of the LGBT Community. The research measured the Average […]

Compass Featured In The National Press – LGBT & Gay Life Insurance

Our friends Compass and Chris Morgan have been featured across the national press this last few months, with their latest LGBT Insurance Survey featuring strongly. In their latest survey it was established that Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual and Transgender people take out an average of £176,695 of Life Insurance. Chris Morgan has a long history […]

HIV Life Assurance & HIV Life Insurance Featured by My So Called Gay Life …

Our friends at Unusual Risks and their latest research have been featured by the leading Gay publication “My So Called Gay Life” … You can read the full article by clicking here … Compass are the UK’s leading Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Financial Advisers, offering advice on Gay Life Assurance, Gay Life Insurance, Gay […]

LGBT Life Assurance and LGBT Life Insurance – Questions? …

Our friends at Compass regularly receive questions from concerned Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clients prior to them applying for Life Assurance and Life Insurance products. They are planning to include the answers to some of these questions in the new “Consumer Guide” that they are writing for the Association of British Insurers and their […]

LGBT Mortgage Advice Service …

Did you know that our friends at Compass offer a ‘Private and Confidential’ Mortgage Service? … Many people may not realise that Compass have been offering Mortgage advice within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & HIV Communities for many years and have helped literally hundreds of LGBT and HIV positive people buy their homes. Sometimes […]

The War is Over !

In March 1999, I decided to leave the security of working for a major bank, promising to end the personal questions asked of gay men on Life Assurance. I didn’t feel enough was being done to challenge the insurance industry at the time.

  • About Us

    Pink Finance was first launched in the year 2000, as the UK’s first gay finance magazine. Over the years we have covered many discrimination issues affecting gay, lesbian, bi sexual and transsexual people.

    Our articles cover issues such as Gay Life Assurance, Gay Life Insurance, Gay Mortgages, Gay Income Protection, Gay Critical Illness Cover, HIV Life Assurance, HIV Life Insurance and HIV Mortgages.

    We also include feature articles on planning Life Assurance and Mortgages for LGBT and Alternative Families, along with articles with subjects such as Pensions and Investments for LGBT people.

    Our editor, Chris Morgan was part of the consultation group that led to the introduction of HIV Life Assurance and HIV Life Insurance for people living with HIV.

    He was a consultant to the Association of British Insurers for over five years and served on their HIV Insurance Working Group.

    Chris has recently rejoined the ABI working group, assisting them with their latest Best Practice guidelines and agreeing to write a new HIV and Insurance consumer guide.

    Our sponsors Compass have a long history of supporting worthy causes within the gay and HIV communities. Currently they are supporting NAM AIDSMAP who work to change lives by sharing information about HIV and AIDS.

    They believe that, wherever you are in the world, having independent, clear and accurate information is vital in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

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